Replace camera SD cards

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Remove a camera’s SD card so you can:

SD cards for cameras require specific formatting and must be purchased from Verizon Connect.

When the SD card is removed from the camera, the camera appears offline, and you cannot request videos in Reveal.

Before you begin

Check your camera’s indicator lights for any issues or updates you may need to address. The light sequence should show the following:








No sound

If you see a different light sequence, troubleshoot the camera indicator lights before removing the SD card.

Replace an SD card

To remove the SD card:

  1. Turn off the ignition of the vehicle that is connected to the camera.
  2. The SD card can be found behind a panel on the side of the camera. Unlock the security cover using the barrel key provided with the camera.
  3. Remove the card from the camera by pressing down gently on the card once - it will pop out.
  4. Insert the new SD card back into the SD slot on the camera.
  5. Replace the security cover and lock with the key.

Keep the key somewhere safe, within the driver's reach.

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