Reposition a camera on a windshield

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When the camera is mounted in the correct position and the lens is angled accurately, harsh driving events are detected and videos are uploaded to the Video List.

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Check the camera’s position on the windshield


If the camera is not mounted within the shaded area, reposition the camera to move the camera bracket to a different spot on the windshield.

If the camera is mounted within the shaded area, adjust the camera angles while the camera remains attached to the mounting bracket.

Gather your tools

You will need the following tools:

  • A spare sticky pad
  • Panel removal tool
  • Alcohol wipe

Sticky pads and alcohol wipes were supplied with the AI Dashcam. To order more supplies, contact Support.

Get your vehicle ready

Turn off the vehicle’s ignition and wait up to 15 mins for the camera to power off.

Remove the camera from the windshield

  1. Wedge the panel removal tool between the mounting bracket and the windshield.
  2. Apply gentle pressure to create leverage until the mounting bracket detaches.
  3. Remove any of the sticky pad’s residue left on the windshield. To do this, you can:
  • Rub it to cause friction and create heat. The residue will peel off.
  • Use an adhesive remover along with a scraper or other tools.

Clean the windshield


Clean the windshield with an alcohol wipe. Remove any excess sticker residue left on the windshield.

Find a mounting position


  1. Sit in the driver’s seat.
  2. Pull down both sun visors.
  3. Hold the camera in the spot you want to mount it, anywhere within the shaded area of the image above.

When choosing a location, consider the following:

  • The camera must not obstruct the driver's view of the road ahead.
  • Make sure the lenses are not obstructed by the sun visors, rear view mirror or the windshield shaded sun strip. The sun strip obscures the road-facing camera image and is in the position of the vehicle's climate control system. Excess heat can interfere with the camera’s operation.

Do not stick the camera to the windshield until later.

Attach a new sticky pad


  1. Attach a new 3M adhesive pad to the camera bracket and press firmly.
  2. Peel off the protective strip from the adhesive pad.

Stick the camera to the windshield


Press the camera firmly to the windshield for 30 seconds. This sets and hardens the bond adhesive, reducing the chance of the camera falling off the windshield.

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