FAQ: What happens when I replace an existing vehicle tracker?

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This article explains what happens when you replace your existing plug-in or hardwired vehicle tracker with a Vehicle Data Device.

What happens to my historical data?

When you replace your existing vehicle tracker with a new Vehicle Data Device (VDD), Verizon Connects merges the data collected by the old device with the data collected by the new device, so you will see one continuous history for the vehicle.

What do I do with my old device?

For plug-in devices, please dispose of the old device responsibly.

For hardwired devices (devices installed using a three-wire connection to ground, power, and ignition wires) leave the device where it is. Verizon Connect will disable the device over the air. You do not need to remove it.

How do I replace my existing vehicle tracker?

To replace your existing vehicle tracker, you must use the Spotlight app. There is no need to contact support.

The Spotlight app guides you through the replacement steps and connects the new device with Verizon Connect.

For step-by-step instructions, see Replace an existing vehicle tracker with the Vehicle Data Device.

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