Overview: Vehicle Data Device compatibility

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The Vehicle Data Device (VDD) gathers information from the vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM) and sends this information to Reveal.

If the device is not installed using the Spotlight app or if the vehicle is not compatible:

  • It will only operate in GPS mode
  • It will not gather data from the ECM.

This means that some data, such as VBUS-calculated odometer readings, are unavailable. You can still track the vehicle and receive harsh driving alerts.

Do not attempt to install the vehicle tracker without checking that it is compatible first.

How to check compatibility

You can check compatibility in the following ways:

  • Use the online Compatibility Checker
    The compatibility checker tells you if the vehicle is compatible with the Vehicle Data Device. It also tells you if you need to install the device with the provided extension cable, so the device does not become disconnected during normal operation.
  • Install the device using the Spotlight app
    When you install the device using the Spotlight app, the app checks the compatibility of the vehicle and checks that the Vehicle Data Device can connect to the ECM. GPS_mode_check.png
    For more information about installing a Vehicle Data Device using the Spotlight app, read the installation guide.

The vehicle data you can access

The vehicle data that you access in Reveal depends on whether you are a Reveal customer or a Reveal Starter (formerly Reveal Now) customer, and whether the Vehicle Data Device operates in GPS mode or not.

The table compares the available features for each option.

Feature GPS mode ECM (Reveal Starter) ECM (Reveal)
Cellular connectivity Yes Yes Yes
Trip reporting Yes Yes Yes
Harsh driving events Yes Yes Yes
Speed Yes Yes Yes
High speed alert Yes Yes Yes
Idling * Yes Yes Yes
GPS-based calculated odometer Yes No No
Vehicle bus (VBUS) communication No Yes Yes
VIN read from VBUS No Yes Yes
VBUS calculated odometer No Yes Yes
Towing alert No Yes Yes
Vehicle diagnostics (DTCs) No No Yes
Calculated fuel volume consumed ** No No Yes
VBUS fuel percentage (fuel level) No No Yes

* In GPS mode, idling time at the start and end of a trip may not be accurate. When the engine is turned on, idling time is NOT recorded because the Vehicle Data Device only starts recording data when the vehicle moves. When the vehicle engine is turned off at the end of a journey, the Vehicle Data Device records idling time of up to 4 minutes.

** The Vehicle Data Device uses an algorithm with multiple inputs to calculate the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle.


Verizon Connect shall have no liability whatsoever for any damages that arise from, or are connected with, your use of our services, including the GPS tracking hardware and dash cams, in a manner contrary to the(se) instructions or in violation of law and/or our agreement. Tracking hardware connected to the diagnostic port in any vehicle that has third-party devices also connected to the diagnostic port can cause interference or loss of functionality of the third-party device. These third-party devices include, but are not limited to, wheelchair lifts, lifesaving equipment, emergency lighting, and radar guns. If such a conflict exists, contact Verizon Connect support to have the tracking hardware configured to support the third-party device. Failure to do so relieves Verizon Connect of all liability for damages that arise from or are connected with your use of the devices. Installed devices may only be removed and transferred to another vehicle if the second vehicle has been tested for compatibility, as per the(se) instructions. Transfers between vehicles which do not follow the(se) instructions will void any and all warranties from Verizon Connect, and relieve Verizon Connect of all liability for damages that arise from or are connected with your use of the devices.

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