FAQ: Which vehicle tracker barcode do I scan?

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When installing a vehicle tracker using a Verizon Connect app, you must scan the tracker's barcode or enter the ESN or IMEI number.

The code you scan or enter, depends on the vehicle tracker you are installing.

If you are installing a Vehicle Data Device, scan or enter the IMEI that can be found on the back of the device or on the box.

If you are installing an LMU-3030, scan or enter the ESN (not the IMEI) that can be found on the back of the device. Help-CalAp.png


If the device is not recognised when you scan the barcode or enter the code, try the following:

  • If scanning the IMEI or ESN, make sure you scan the entire barcode.
  • If entering the IMEI or ESN, double-check the digits that you entered.
  • Try scanning a different vehicle tracker that is associated with your account or that can be installed using a Verizon Connect app.

If you are still having trouble, contact Customer Support.

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