Video: How to mount and secure a GPS tracking device

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In this video, we'll discuss the best way to safely mount hardware when completing an installation of a Verizon Connect GPS tracking device.

  • There are two main considerations when mounting hardware: safety and GPS reception.
  • A vehicle has many moving parts and electronically sensitive components. Secure the hardware so it won't get in the way of any moving parts, and is a safe distance from any ECU or other electronically sensitive device.
  • Ensure any hardware is mounted securely. A device that comes loose from its mounting can fall within the area of the steering linkage or driver pedals. This could cause a serious accident.
  • Best practice is to put the first harness cable tie close enough to the hardware so that it can act as a temporary restraint if the hardware comes loose.
  • There's a GPS receiver located here in the tracking device. GPS receivers will work through plastic and glass, but not through metal.
  • It's important to give the GPS receiver the best view of the sky. Position the unit with the receiver pointing upwards unobstructed by any of the vehicle's metal components.
  • The number of satellites visible to the device can be measured using the LEDs.
    Please see the LED video for further information.

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