Adjust a camera angle

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When the camera is mounted in the correct position and the lens is angled accurately, harsh driving events are detected and videos are uploaded to the Video List.

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Check the camera’s position on the windshield

If the camera is not mounted within the shaded area, reposition the camera to move the camera bracket to a different spot on the windshield.


If the camera is mounted within the shaded area, adjust the camera angles while the camera remains attached to the mounting bracket.

Gather your tools

Find the barrel key and hex key supplied with the camera. To order more supplies, contact Support.

Remove the security cover


Use the barrel key to unlock the security camera’s cover.

Adjust the camera lens


Pull and twist the side panel to adjust the road-facing lens mount. The angle should be relative to the slope of the vehicle’s windshield.


  1. If you have a driver-facing camera, use the hex key to unscrew both screws and adjust the driver-facing lens mount.
  2. Adjust the camera angle so it points towards the centre of the cabin.
  3. Tight the screws to lock.

Replace the security cover


  1. Twist and push the side panel back into place.
  2. Replace the security cover and lock with the barrel key.

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