Install devices using the Spotlight app

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This article explains how the Spotlight app can be used to set up some Verizon Connect devices.

Why use the Spotlight app to set up devices?

When you use Spotlight to install a device, the app:

  • Guides you through the installation and activation of the device

  • Assigns the device to the vehicle or asset

  • Connects the device to Verizon Connect

  • Enables ECM reporting for applicable vehicles (Vehicle Data Device only)

  • Provides help when you need it

  • Can we used when swapping or replacing devices (vehicle trackers or cameras)

What devices can be set up using Spotlight?

The Spotlight app currently supports the installation of the following:

Where do I get the Spotlight app?

Download the Spotlight app:

Log in to the app with your Verizon Connect credentials.

If you do not have login credentials, contact your administrator.

How do I use the Spotlight app to set up devices?

  1. Log into the app

  2. Go to the Account tab and tap Device setup

  3. Tap the device you want to install

  4. Follow the installation steps

How do I set up a device that cannot be set up using Spotlight?

If the device you are installing cannot be set up using Spotlight, you can still install the device and then verify the installation in Reveal.

You can find installation guides on our Installation and Device help centre:

You can find instructions for verifying your installation here:

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