Verify an installation in Reveal

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Note: If you are replacing or swapping a vehicle tracker, complete the swap in Reveal first. This merges the data from your old tracker with the new tracker so you have one continuous history for the vehicle. Learn more about swapping a vehicle in Reveal.


If you are a Reveal customer installing the device yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Reveal.
  2. On Live Map, choose the Search icon.
  3. Type in the tracker’s Equipment Serial Number (ESN) for the device and press Enter.

If the vehicle is connected, it shows on Live Map.

Updating vehicle information


We recommend that you update the vehicle or asset’s details to ensure that you receive more accurate data.

You should update or enter the following information:

  • Name - give the vehicle or asset a name that makes it easily identifiable on Live Map and in Reports.
  • License plate (where applicable).
  • Year, make, and model.
  • Current odometer reading (where applicable).

Learn more in our article: View and manage vehicles and assets.

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