CalAmp 36xx - Reveal and Fleet LED indicator light patterns

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Reveal 36xx LED Light Pattern

Green LED - GPS Signal

The green LED flashes when the GPS signal has been acquired and is off in the absence of a signal.

The LED flashes once for one second, and then flashes quickly for each satellite it is connected to. For example: a long flash followed by 8 quick flashes indicates that the tracker is connected to 8 satellites.

The minimum number of satellites to validate the installation is four.

  • In the event of a lower number of satellites or no GPS signal (green LED will remain off), it is necessary to move the vehicle to a an outdoor location, and/or verify the device is not mounted in a location directly beneath solid metal parts that is blocking GPS signal reception.

If the problem persists contact Support.

Amber LED Cell network signal

A solid amber LED (no blinking) indicates network signal has been successfully acquired and ignition is on.

If the LED is flashing flashes quickly (multiple flashes per second) it indicates cell network signal is not available with ignition on.

  • If the amber cellular signal LED is not solid, the vehicle must be moved to a location within cell network coverage to complete installation and verification.

If the LED flashes slowly (1hz or one flash per second) the device is not sensing that the vehicle's ignition is on. If power is being provided by the Y-cable connection there may be a problem with the device detecting ignition.

  • Visually inspect the connection to verify it is secure
  • Verify the engine is running

If the problem persists contact Support.

Red LED - ECM diagnostic data connection

Light Duty Vehicles
A solid red LED will illuminate with valid data coming from a light duty vehicle (OBDII).  This LED will remain on until the ignition is turned off. 

Heavy Duty Vehicles (J1939/J1708)
Flashing Red LED with valid data coming from a heavy duty vehicle If the red LED is not functioning:

  • Visually Inspect the connection to verify it is securely connected per VZC standards.
  • Verify the engine is running.

Blue LED – Bluetooth (This LED will remain unused on the Reveal platform unless or until ELD functionality is added to the Reveal implementation of the 36xx.

Fleet 36xx LED Light Pattern

The Fleet implementation is less complex. It provides GPS signal and cell network indicator lights only.

Green LED - GPS signal

Flashing = Acquiring signal

Solid = Signal locked on

Amber LED - Cell signal

Flashing = Acquiring signal

Solid = Signal locked on


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