Understanding Canada roaming for Equipment Asset Tracker (Battery)

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Roaming occurs when your Equipment Asset Tracker (Battery) device connects to another network in regions where your home network has no coverage.

Depending on your organization’s billing address, there are 2 roaming plans for the device:

  • If your organization’s billing address is in Canada, you will be on the Permanent Roaming plan.
  • If your organization’s billing address is in the US, you will be on the Temporary Roaming plan.

Permanent Roaming

Customers with Canadian billing addresses have year-round network coverage in the US or Canada at no additional cost.

You will be able to use the device in the US and Canada permanently.

Temporary Roaming plan

Customers with a US billing address have temporary network coverage in the US or Canada for 90 days.

Roaming is tallied each time the device connects to a different network. Depending on usage, this could be 90 consecutive days or 90 years.

After a total 90 days, roaming will no longer be available.

LTE-M (CAT-M1) network coverage in Canada

For network coverage information in Canada, check out the TELUS/Bell network coverage maps. Make sure to look for LTE-M (CAT-M1) coverage.

Rural areas may have less coverage.

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