Technician guide: Driver-facing camera (model 2) using Reveal Hardware Installer app

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Before you begin

What you should receive


  • Camera (x1)
  • Alcohol wipes (x2)
  • Spare 3M VHB adhesive pad (x1)
  • Key (x1)
  • Quick start guide (x1)
  • Privacy sticker (x1)
  • 4 pin to 2.5 mm cable adaptor (x1) - if installing with a road-facing camera (model 1)

Download and sign in to Reveal Hardware Installer app

You must use the Reveal Hardware Installer app to set up the camera.

  1. Download the Reveal Hardware Installer app:
    playstore.png appstore.png
  2. Log in to the app with your Verizon Connect credentials.
    If you do not have login credentials, contact your administrator.


Choose the work order


In Reveal Hardware Installer, choose the work order.

Scan or enter the camera ESN


Scan the camera's barcode or select Manual Input, enter the serial number.

Select the line item for the installation


  1. Select the Dash Camera line item.
  2. Tap NEXT.

Identify the vehicle


Enter or scan the ESN of the previously installed road facing camera.
Alternatively, you can search for the vehicle tracking device ESN, vehicle VIN or the vehicle license plate, by tapping Change search method.

Start the installation


  1. When you first run the app, a prompt explains that the vehicle must have a GPS tracker and a road camera installed before you can install the driver camera. Choose GOT IT.
  2. To launch the in-app installation guide, choose VIEW.

Connect the camera cables

  1. Expose the road camera wires.
  2. Choose the model of the road camera model already installed in the vehicle.
  3. Follow the cabling instructions for your road camera model.
    • Road camera Model 1: Use the provided adapter cable to connect the road camera’s power cable to the driver camera’s connector cable.
    • Road camera Model 2: Connect the road camera’s power cable to the driver camera’s connector cable.
  4. When you have connected the wires, choose NEXT.

Choose the camera placement


Tip: Sit in the driver’s seat and pull the sun visor down. The driver’s face should not be obstructed.

When choosing a location, consider the following:

  • The camera should be placed as high as possible within the wiper sweep zone of the windshield on the driver’s side.
  • The camera portion of the device should reside in the top 2 inches (5 cm) of the wiper zone.
  • The camera must not obstruct the driver's view of the road ahead.
  • Avoid placing the camera in the black band around the rear view mirror and near the vehicle's climate control system, as excess heat can interfere with the camera operation.
  • Leave enough space to remove the key from the security cover.
  • The camera can be placed anywhere within the highlighted area.

Align the camera


Note: The camera should point directly into the driver cab. The camera has a 120 degree field of view, so it covers most of the vehicle interior.

  1. Adjust the angle of the lens by unscrewing the screws attached to the mounting bracket.
  2. In the app, click NEXT.

Mount the camera


  1. Clean and dry the area on the windshield where the camera will be placed using the alcohol wipe provided.
  2. Make sure the windshield temperature is not too hot or cold (recommended between 50°F to 80°F). Otherwise, the sticker will not bond correctly to the windshield.
  3. Attach the camera to the windshield.
  4. Ensure that the cable is pointing up toward the top of the cab.
  5. Press the camera to the windshield firmly for 30 seconds.
    In the app, click NEXT.

Turn the camera on

  1. To power the driver camera, start the vehicle’s engine.
  2. Verify a successful LED light pattern on the road-facing camera.
  3. In the app, choose Activate Camera.

Preview snapshot


  1. Adjust the camera angle so that it points towards the center of the cabin and the driver's headrest is within the top quarter of the preview snapshot.
    Note: It can take up to 60 seconds to generate a snapshot.
  2. Adjust the camera if required and tap Retake to take another snapshot.
  3. Tighten the screws and in the app tap NEXT.
    Tip: Keep the key in case you need to adjust the camera.

Verify the installation


  1. Confirm that the camera is paired with the correct vehicle, then tap Activate Camera.
  2. Choose CHECK IN.

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