Remove a camera from a vehicle (AI Dashcam)

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The following instructions describe how to remove a Dual-Facing or Road-Facing AI Dashcam from a vehicle.

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Before you begin

Gather your tools

Depending on your vehicle type, you might need some of the following tools:

  • T6 star screwdriver

  • Panel removal tool

  • Zip tie remover

  • Alcohol wipe

  • Flashlight

Get your vehicle ready

Turn off the vehicle’s ignition and wait up to 15 mins for the camera to power off.

Uninstall the camera

Step 1. Detach the side panel

  1. Unscrew the right-hand side panel. The two captive screws will remain connected to the panel.

  2. Unclip the panel by pulling firmly on the tab.

Step 2. Slide the camera off the bracket

Remove the camera from the bracket by sliding it firmly to the left.

Step 3. Detach the mounting bracket

  1. Wedge the panel removal tool between the mounting bracket and the windshield.

  2. Apply gentle pressure to create leverage until the mounting bracket detaches.

  3. Clean the windshield with an alcohol wipe. Remove any excess sticker residue left on the windshield.

Step 4. Release the cable from the roof

Use the panel removal tool to remove the cable from the headliner.

Step 5. Disconnect the power

  1. Remove the A-pillar cover to access the cables. Consult the vehicle manufacturer's user manual first.

  2. Follow the cable route down the A-pillar to the power source.

  3. Remove any panels or zip ties that secure the cabling.

  4. For installations using an OBD-II connector, find the OBD port and unplug the cable.

  5. For installations using a 3-wire connector, disconnect the black, red, and white wires.

  6. Replace the A-pillar cover and any other panels.

  7. Insulate exposed wires with electrical tape.

Install the camera in another vehicle

To install the AI Dashcam in another vehicle, you should:

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