FAQ: How to make a poke and wrap connection (solderless splice)

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Caution: This technique can be used to join a new wire end to an existing wire line. It is NOT used to join wires end to end.

Required tools

  • Wire stripping pliers, side strips or a utility knife
  • Wire pick (nylon is preferred)
  • Super 33 or better electrical tape
  • Zip ties


Step 1: Remove insulation and create a loop


  • Use wire strippers or a utility knife to carefully remove approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) of wire insulation.

  • Use a pick to divide and the wires equally to form a loop in the center of the wire opening.

Warning: Always use caution while wire is exposed. It is very easy to short to ground by touching the chassis with exposed wire or your pick while it touches exposed wire.

Caution: Disconnect the negative battery terminal or harness from the battery feed as necessary to prevent shorts which can blow fuses or damage adjacent equipment.

Step 2: Insert and wrap the new wire

  1. Remove approximately 2" (5 cm) of insulation from the new wire you intend to add to the circuit.
  2. With the insulation removed, insert the new wire through the center of loop opening.
  3. Now push the wire down then twist it fully around and into the loop again, and then press the loop closed.
  4. Lay the new wire flat against the closed loop in the direction that goes toward the device it is powering. Wrap the remaining wire length tightly around the vehicle wire, and pull it snug to remove any slack.
  5. Wrap electrical tape around the connection, overlapping the insulation by at least 1" (2.5 cm). Place zip ties over the tape to secure it in place.

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