Replace, remove, or swap a Driver-Facing AI Dashcam in a Dual or Road-Facing AI Dashcam

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This guide describes how to remove the Driver-Facing camera from a Dual-Facing or Road-Facing AI Dashcam.

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Before you begin

Gather your tools

You will need:

  1. The T6 star-headed screwdriver which was supplied with the camera

  2. A replacement part for the driver-facing camera. This is either:

    • a new driver-facing camera, or

    • a plastic placeholder part (i.e., a ‘blank’).

To order more supplies, contact Support.

Unassign the driver-facing camera

Use Reveal?

Contact Support to unassign the camera. You will need to tell us:

  • The name of the vehicle (as it appears in Reveal) with the camera you want to unassign.

  • The name of the vehicle you want to assign the camera with.

  • The camera serial number (on the back of the camera).

Use Enterprise Fleet Installer portal?

Log in and unassign the driver-facing camera from the vehicle . To reassign the camera in the portal, enter the serial number ending in -2.

Get your vehicle ready

Turn off the vehicle and wait up to 15 minutes for the camera to power off.

Uninstall the driver-facing camera

Step 1. Detach the side panel

  1. Unscrew the right-hand side panel. The two captive screws will remain connected to the panel.

  2. Unclip the panel by pulling firmly on the tab.

Step 2. Remove the driver-facing camera


Hold down the plastic tab and slide the part out.

Step 3. Install the new camera or placeholder part

Replace the driver-facing camera to avoid exposing the dashcam to dust and dirt that might interfere with the road-facing camera’s operation. You can replace the camera with either:

Step 4. Tidy away

Make sure a company representative has access to:

  • The driver-facing camera you removed from the AI Dashcam.

  • Any spare parts and tools, so the camera can be adjusted in future.

Install the camera in another vehicle

To replace the camera, you just removed or to install it in another vehicle, follow the installation instructions.

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